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Latest Top Tip from the

'The Freelance Fashion Designer's Handbook' by Paula Keech



(from Chapter 3, Getting Work & Getting Paid)






Always follow up contacts, job applications, letters, emails and telephone calls that you have made and sent. Did they receive your letter, application, company profile and CV? Offer to meet for an interview. Make an effort to visit the company’s stand at a trade show and introduce yourself: this can help them to remember you. It is always worth meeting potential clients even if at the time it does not result in work. One company contacted me two years after I was interviewed. They remembered me and liked my work: it was not exactly what they had needed at the time but was just what they needed at a later date. I have worked for them on several occasions since.

Paula Keech - Freelance Fashion & Sportswear Designer

Paula Keech has been a member of the Register of Apparel and Textile Designers (part of UKFT) for many years, and we congratulate her on this publication, the product of many months of interviews and research.

“The Freelance Fashion Designer’s Handbook”. Written by experienced freelance designer Paula Keech, this is an essential guide to the process of going freelance. How to go it alone, what to expect, how to cost, and strategies for ensuring that you get paid – all are covered in great detail, and made easy to understand with quotes and examples from designers, clients and all kinds of individuals active in today’s fashion industry.


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