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'The Freelance Fashion Designer's Handbook' by Paula Keech

Published by: John Wiley & Sons

- order online worldwide ISBN: 9781444335064

An essential guide for designers looking to freelance, with case studies and guidance to working independently, what to expect, finding work, getting paid, working with contacts, planning your time, keeping accounts, the technical aspects of being a freelance including; compiling full technical packages for your designs to be manufactured abroad and ready to use downloadable templates for income and expenditure, time sheets and size/grade charts to get your business started and save you time.

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‘A detailed, comprehensive and a very useful reference book for all designers, freelance or otherwise. It is written from the heart by someone who has been on the journey of experience and now wants to help others to have a less painful journey. The book covers all of the essential elements of a design business and does not shy away from the thorny issues around being paid for work that has been completed. The Chapter about continuing training and education is also pertinent. I foresee this being a constant source of information for designers.'

 Angela Peers, Principal Lecturer, Department of Clothing Design & Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


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